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Transport Insurance Services

SRS Packers and Movers use stringent methods of safety and precaution to ensure the security of the goods being transported to various locations. As one of the best in the transportation and relocation industry, SRS strives beyond perfection to adopt solutions that guarantee the excellence of their services. However natural calamities and unforeseen accidents sometimes do happen en route to a destination. Despite of the most infallible measures there could be a possibility of a mishap due to external forces. In such an event SRS assumes full responsibility by way of being insured against the same. SRS Packers and Movers insurance policies cover all areas of transportation which covers losses due to theft and damage. Insurance coverage differs according to value of goods. Thus there are mixed sums assured for items like furniture or valuables. SRS is also insured against mishaps concerning corporate relocation. Office files and expensive equipment can be ascertained as sensitive cargo, hence adequate insurance cover is provided to protect against problems in transit. SRS Packers and Movers will provide compensation of any item damaged during the relocation process. The values of items damaged will be assessed according to current market values. We will waste no time over delays of documentation and will recompense your goods at the earliest.